Monday, March 31, 2008

New Toys!

So Rylie has pretty much outgrown her little rainforest bouncer :( I'm sad because I've been putting her in that practically since she was born & she used to loooove it! Now she gets bored in it, so we've moved on to big-girl toys!

Here is her activity center-walker combo that Santa brought her! The ladies at the church nursery have been putting her in one of these on Sunday mornings & she's been loving it, so Mommy finally put together her own! She absolutely LOOOOVES this thing! She just giggles soo loud at all the noises it makes! It later converts into a walker too!

These are her 2 new toys she bought today with her own money! She had some giftcards & cash still from Christmas & got more cash for Easter, so she spent some today. One is a basketball toy that applauds & you can make it taller as she begins to stand. The other is a little farm yard toy that animals spin & make noises. She loves them both!

Here is her piano toy Daddy gave her for Easter. Her friend Kinley had one & she liked it so now she has her own! It's been a fun day so far!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


So we've been really good today getting back on schedule after being thrown off this past week and a half. We have successfully tried carrots yesterday and so far she really enjoys them! No signs of any sensitivity or allergy so it looks like we've finally gotten started on solids for sure!
On a side note, I read an article online earlier that said babies born in 2007 will cost $269,040 to raise to the age of 18 for middle-income families and $148,320 for lower-income families. This includes everything-transportation, housing, food, medical needs, and education fees (not including college, however). Guess we better start saving up! haha
Oh yeah, the pic above-I found that shirt yesterday for $2 & thought it was cute! She thought it was funny too!

Yumm! She loves her carrots!
(Dad's not the cleanest feeder! haha)

Monday, March 24, 2008

Hoppy Easter!!

Hope everyone's Easter was great! Rylie had a terrific first Easter! On Saturday, we took her to our church's Easter Egg Hunt in a local park. She met the Easter Bunny there & Daddy helped her get lots of eggs!

On Sunday we took her to church of course & she went to the "big people" service with Daddy & was such a good girl in there! She looked so beautiful in her fancy easter dress too! Then after church, my mom & sister came over & had lunch. David & I made pot roast, garlic mashed potatoes, salad, mixed vegetables, dinner rolls AND for dessert individual chocolate molten cakes made from scratch! They came out soooo good! I'm getting hungry again just thinking about it! haha After lunch, Rylie opened her Easter basket from the bunny & got 2 big gifts from Mommy & Daddy. My mom & sister gave her some treats too. Then Rylie got to pick up Easter eggs on our back patio. Here are some pictures!

Rylie's pretty Easter dress-yes, I know the bow is big! haha

Rylie & her basket

Look what she can do!

So last week Rylie did 2 amazing things! First, she sat up all by herself....for about 5 seconds. haha BUT I got pictures of it before she tumbled over!

Yay for Rylie!! THEN, on Saturday night we had her standing in front of her aquarium looking at the fish inside before she went to bed and she had her arm on the little table the aquarium sits on top of and all of a sudden she started STANDING BY HERSELF!!!! She did it long enough for me to run & get the camera and snap a shot of it! Of course, as soon as I turned the video one on, she had toppled over & then was too fussy to do it anymore, but here's a great shot I took.

Friday, March 21, 2008

5 Months Old & Not Well

Well, Rylie turned 5 months old 2 days ago and she's been sick ever since. After we tried her on rice cereal again Tuesday evening, she got sick on Wednesday-very cranky, bloated and gassy belly. I did try more rice cereal Wednesday evening, but she wouldn't take it. Then on Thursday, yesterday, she was MAD all day-very very cranky, gassy again, stuffy/runny nose, and couldn't sleep real well. She only reached a 99.1 temperature. I ended up having to hold her in an upright position for hours yesterday afternoon so she could sleep. Whenever I moved just an inch, she would wake up and cry some more. It was really really sad. So this morning we took her in to the doctor. He said she's just got an allergy to the rice cereal right now and we could go ahead & try her on vegetables, but we need to wait a few days for the rice cereal to get completely out of her system. This doesn't mean she'll be allergic to rice in the future. He said it just means she has an allergic reaction to it now. So far today she's been almost back to her old self.

This is the best 5 month old picture I could get lately since she's been sick. But MAJOR props to David, the best dad in the world! He ran out at 3am this morning to get Rylie a new humidifier because her old one broke & leaked water all over. Poor baby was breathing heavy & all stopped up!
Old froggy humidifier & the new, fancy aquarium humidifier!
She was seriously scared of the new humidifier!!
But Mommy rescued her from it!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Our St Pattys Weekend

This past weekend, our little family went to visit Houston for a long visit! Dave and I went out to dinner Friday night with our good friends Kelly & Mike while Rylieroo stayed with her Mimi. Saturday, we went shopping & then looked at a neighborhood we MIGHT think about moving to IF we move to Houston. Sunday, David and I took Rylie to church for Palm Sunday and David got to show off "baby Jesus" and how much bigger she is to all his friends there and we got to see Dave's brother's new apartment. Then Sunday night we went to Dave's dad's house & ate dinner with them! THEN Monday, St Patty's Day, David and I took Rylie to the Houston Aquarium and lunch at Hard Rock Cafe before visiting her Mimi at work & meeting all the workers there. Monday evening David took me to a wine bar called Cova and we had a little time away while Rylie had girl time with her Mimi. We headed back this morning. It was a very eventful weekend! It seems no matter how long we stay down there sometimes, it's never enough to do all the things we want to do! Also, this evening we tried Rylie on rice cereal again and she took it well! She actually opened her mouth & wanted more! She ate the entire little bowl I made of it and then 2 hours later was hungry again so she had almost the full amount of her usual bottle before bed. YAY! This is much progress! Anyways, here's some good pictures from this past weekend!

Date night at PF Chang's

This one is for Mimi-her favorite baby in her favorite sleeping position!

About to go shopping Saturday

David & Rylie outside church Sunday morning-look at Mommy's big girl!

Us at Dave's dad's house

Our little leprachaun baby on her 1st St Pattys Day!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Poor Baby!

Well, Rylie cut her 2nd tooth this past weekend. She was very cranky all weekend long too from it. I've been trying to get pictures of her teeth, but they aren't showing up or she won't open her mouth enough.
We've been giving her a little rice cereal every evening and it's been making her extra gassy and hurt in her tummy real bad, screaming her head off. The books said it was a colicky cry from built up gas caused by a sensitivity or allergy from the rice cereal and we should wait a week before trying the cereal again. If she has a sensitivity again, then wait another week. So we're putting that on hold for a little while! That's the latest update with us!

Friday, March 7, 2008


Last night we got about 2 inches of snow on the ground & it was still there this morning when we got up, so we took Rylie outside to see it for the first time. She was really intrigued looking around at everything, but really didn't like the wind at all! Look at her cute lil hat!

A Week Late

So I haven't been real good about updating this as frequently as I used to. I will get better. Last Saturday, David and I went out & left Rylie at a babysitter's house for the first time. We went to a benefit for the hospital Rylie was born at that Dave's TV station sponsored called "Night in Vegas" casino night. Rylie stayed at our friend's Shelly & Jeff Oliver who just bought a house like around the corner & down the street from us. They have a little girl named Kinley who is just 3 days older than Rylie, so the 2 of them got to play for the first time. Rylie did really good & fell asleep at their house before we picked her up that evening.

David & I at benefit.

Rylie & Kinley playing together.

Also, this past Sunday evening we tried Rylie on rice cereal for the first time. She didn't seem to like it that much. I got some video of it that I'll upload on her video site (link to the right). We've been trying it at dinner this past week & she just doesn't seem to know what to do with it once I put it in her mouth. She just sits there & doesn't chew it or swallow it. I've tried making the motions for her. She just gives up & wants her bottle, so hopefully that will get better over time.

Taking her first bite!