Monday, January 14, 2008

Rylie's 1st Babysitter!

Last Saturday night, David took me to dinner for my birthday and Rylie got to play with Vince & Mary Erickson, her first non-family babysitter! Vince works at the station with David (sports director), they both go to our Sunday School class, and live not far from us. They've been WAITING ANXIOUSLY to watch Rylie. They enjoyed it as much as she did! She was excited all day to have visitors come play with her. hehe Anyways, we just went to eat down the street and it was the shortest dinner ever! They were very empty, so our food came immediately and we were home only an hour later! After we got home, our friends Seth (from Dave's work-morning anchor) and Shelly (I know from MCC) stopped by to visit. THEN, all Saturday night I got sick about every 15 minutes and the next morning. Not sure if it was something I ate or a virus. I stayed in bed all day Sunday and kinda took it easy today, not eating much both days. Hopefully I'm not getting something that Rylie could catch!

Playing with her babysitters

With Mr Vince

Seth's 1st baby to hold!

Shelly & Rylie

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Shelly said...

aw i just saw this post!! so cute! =)