Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Today Rylie got her first booboo :( Daddy clipped her fingernails because she was clawing at her belly & he nipped the end of her thumb a little. It wasn't so bad until she started sucking on her thumb while playing & made it really worse. She got blood all over her shirt, her floor play mat, and burp cloth. When I saw it, I started crying. It broke my heart to see my baby hurt, although she took it like a champ! She didn't cry at all! I was the one being dramatic. haha Well, we didn't have any cute baby bandaids, so we had to put a big one on it & boy was it a challenge all day keeping her from sucking on her thumb! I think it'll be healed in a day or 2 and then she'll be fine. Just another thing to look forward to as she gets older-more booboo's. I should get more bandaids.....

Poor little Rylie finger :(

You can kinda see the blood marks on her shirt

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