Sunday, January 27, 2008

No Pics Trip

David, Rylie and I went to Dallas/Ft Worth area this weekend to visit my friend Erin & her husband. Erin used to work at the TV station with us & she's just so freakin awesome, we've kept in touch with her! They just redid their guest bedroom, so we ended up staying the night. Rylie was too excited to be there & seeing lots of new things & did NOT want to go to sleep. She finally wore herself out though haha And the grownups played bored games that were quite fun, especially with me not knowing what I'm doing--or that Harrison Ford was NOT in "True Lies" HAHA! On Sunday, David & me & Rylie went shopping to get her a baptism gown, which we FINALLY found after going to 4 stores. Ugh! Then we headed back home & this entire trip had nothing captured on film. :( Sad to say, no pics today!

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