Sunday, January 6, 2008


Some of yall know a close friend of mine, Johnny, passed away last Summer on June 12 while fighting as a Marine in Iraq. Oddly, I kept thinking in the time before the funeral how I needed to get a handkerchief. I told David that I'm grown up now and I'm going to start having close friends and family pass away and I might as well get a handkerchief to have at the funerals.....but I never got one and I thought it was fine because it would be awhile before I'd actually need it again.....until now.
David, Rylie and I drove to Temple Scott & White and were able to say goodbye to Casey yesterday afternoon before she went to heaven yesterday evening. They actually don't allow children in the ICU area, but no doctor was going to keep Casey from holding Rylie 1 last time & saying goodbye, so I marched in there with Rylie in my arms & placed her on the bed next to Casey with Casey's arm around her and Rylie gave her love then kissed Casey on her forehead before I had to take her back to the waiting room with David.
Casey was my oldest friend and the sweetest girl I knew. She wasn't somebody with cerebral palsey. She wasn't a girl in a wheelchair. She wasn't even someone who was "sick." She was my best friend. She was my maid of honor. She was a daughter, sister, niece, aunt, cousin, grand-daughter, and just a girl. She will greatly be missed, but I know she's happy up in heaven and in no more pain. And my little girl is the luckiest baby now, because she has an angel watching over her!
Thanks everyone for your prayers and for continuously asking about Casey. Keep praying for her family now and that they regain strength to get through this. Casey would want nothing more than her family to be happy.

For those wanting to attend, services will be Wed, Jan. 9 at 11am in Valley Mills at graveside only.


Shelly said...

she was so sweet! you guys were lucky to know her =)
and of course u can put a link to my page on urs... actually i cant really figure it out or i would do everyone.. like i have kristys up there but its not the way hers is. i dont know how to do it the right u?

Nicklaus Louis said...

This is sad news.

Our prayers are with you guys.