Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Years!

I can't believe 2008 is already ending & I can't say I'm not relieved about it either! I remember this time last year I was hoping for just 2008 to be free of anything huge happening. Well, 2008 started off Jan 1 with the news of Casey, so that wasn't a great start. Then after 2 funerals, 8 weddings, a few new babies, a newly purchased home, & devastating hurricane leaving us 2 weeks without power (how could I forget Ike?) here we are! All I ask that 2009 brings is strength to get through anything that may come our way good or bad, health & happiness for friends & family, and to leave the past behind us!
I hope everybody has a SAFE and happy New Years! Don't forget to put your answer on our new poll!

Our Little Puppy Rylie?

Guess Rylie thinks she's a puppy sometimes! Every time we go to play in her playroom lately, she goes straight for these soft balls & immediately starts chewing on them & leaves them in her mouth like a puppy while crawling & playing with other toys. She even kept one in her mouth as we went outside earlier today to see her friends who were out playing. What a silly girl we have!

(PS Yeah, that bow I made for that sweater could use some tweaking. I'm gonna add some white ribbon to it.)

Look what she learned from Daddy!

Anyone who's heard the stories of David growing up knows where Rylie learned this from! Ive been told David was always putting things in electrical outlets...and got himself zapped a time or two. I guess that's where his hobby of playing with wires & cords today comes from! Well, Rylie has her own fascination for outlets. She loves playing with the little plastic outlet covers. We have them in every outlet, but sometimes we plug in the vacuum & leave the little covers on the floor when we're done. Rylie finds these & TRIES TO PUT THEM BACK IN THE OUTLET! She knows where they go & tries so hard to put it back. Here's some video David got of her last night...

Interior Decorator

Don't be surprised if you come over & there's chairs in the middle of random rooms! lol

And oh yeah she does her little "prissy" girl wave in this video too!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Her Teeth

This little stinker refused to wear her pretty bow I made for this outfit all day yesterday! So you'll have to ignore her messy hair in these pics! Here's a shot of her teeth!

I tried all last night & couldn't get any shots of her back, front teeth, but here's a good shot of all her bottom teeth-8 total (each on bottom & top). The 2 gaps on the bottom there have tips of 2 teeth broken through.

Just for the heck of it, here's the bow I made for her outfit.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Happy 1st, Savannah!

Rylie's Kindermusik friend Savannah turned one yesterday (Sat-Dec 27) and we attended her birthday party! It was so cute! Rylie had a great time! She was the youngest one there, besides Savannah, but sure enjoyed waving & laughing at everybody & crawling all over the place! Thanks again Savannah for inviting us!

The birthday girl in her adorable dress!

David pushed her around the room on this roller thing! She loved it! haha

Bouncing on the trampoline!

She was sooo cute sitting at the little "big girls" table with Savannah's friends. She wouldn't eat much pizza, but she was obsessed with that juice box!

"Happy Birthday to you..."

Yum! Chocolate frosting!

After Savannah opened her gifts, Rylie felt it was necessary to show Savannah how to use the piano Kendall gave her, since Rylie has one of her own. They both were so cute dancing to the music on it!

"Bye, Savannah! Great party!"

Going for a ride!

We took Rylie out for her 1st walk in her new wagon the day after Christmas. She was kind enough to bring her doll along. This wagon is awesome! It has 2 seats with seatbelts & 4 cupholders & the seats can fold down to a flat surface for toting her toys when she's big enough to pull it herself! These things sure have come a long way since the original Radio Flyers!

Christmas Day!!!!

I hope you all had a great Christmas! Our family had an awesome one! Rylie especially got lots of goodies!
We woke up early Christmas morning & everybody got ready then we woke Rylie up & let her open her presents in her cute Christmas pj's. She kept getting a little overwhelmed, so we had to take some breaks & fed her breakfast in between opening gifts.
Checking out her goodies from Santa!
That red wagon was her #1 gift she asked for!
"I love my new backpack, Mommy & Daddy!"
She loves her new baby doll stroller from Aunt Valerie! Thanks!

Ooooh! A little Coach purse just her size!
Rockin' horse! (She hugs everything, can you tell?)
Then we (Me, Rylie, David, my mom) all rushed over to Mimi's house for lunch & presents there!

Rylie got an adorable little table & chairs set for her playroom. She can sit there & color & do puzzles, etc. She loves it!

Mimi, David, Rylie

Our little family!

Then we all headed over to Dave's Dad's house for dinner & more presents!

Rylie showing Grandaddy her tricks

Rylie & Grandma reading

Goofing around with Uncle Daniel!

Rylie & her K9 cousin, Sam!

"Hmm...I wonder what trouble I can get into...."

"Playing with Grandaddy & Deedee's towels! They looked so nice & neat in their folded pile on the couch, I just couldn't help but make a mess with them!"


Christmas Eve

After Rylie late-nights last week, we all slept in a little on Christmas Eve day. David was off work luckily & we took Rylie to Mimi's for a little while to nap (which didn't happen!) before taking her to a children's Christmas Eve church service. She did very well during the service & sat in her own seat without fidgeting too much. All she wanted to do was hold the candles they give out to people. She even clapped at times when the kids finished singing. This was the service that Rylie played baby Jesus in last year & David & I were Mary & Joseph. It was neat to see it this year from the audience side!

After the service, we went back to Mimi's for dinner. Rylie was so cranky & still wouldn't nap so her & I went ahead & came home. David had to go back to the church to direct the broadcast of their later service. Rylie & I got in our pj's, finished some cleaning, set milk & cookies out for Santa, read "The Night Before Christmas" & then watched "The Santa Clause" as we waited for my mom to arrive & David to get home!


Soooo Rylie's extra crankiness & horrible first diaper rash last week has now presented a reason! She has FIVE new teeth within just this past week! :o Last Tuesday, December 23, I noticed 3 of the new teeth in. There were 2 in on the top in the far back, 1 tooth closer than the back molars. There was also one on the bottom, left side, 3rd from center. These 3 were all at the time she was having her first (and horrible) diaper rash! Poor thing was in so much pain! She was having a hard time sleeping at night because it hurt so bad. We got her some great medicine though & it was gone by Christmas day! Then we noticed Christmas day another tooth came in, top & 3rd from center on left side. Then yesterday, we noticed the tip of a fifth tooth, top right side, 3rd from center. Basically now Rylie has 8 teeth on top & 8 teeth on bottom all in the center with no gaps in between now! I can't believe she already has 16 teeth! I'll upload a picture of a recent toothy grin soon!

Rylie's New Doll

This is the new doll she got as a late birthday gift from my dad & Karen. It's a 25th Anniversary Cabbage-Patch Doll! She loooooves it! I was given one right before my 1st birthday & so they wanted to give Rylie one at the same age I got mine. I still have my doll actually & Rylie is always trying to steal it! hehe Now she has her very own! Here's pictures of her hugging her doll!

All By Herself!

Last week during dinner, I decided to let Rylie try to feed herself with her spoon. She was eating mashed potatoes, which is the easiest thing to try this with. She did fairly good! She kept wanting to just grab the potatoes out of the jar though!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas From The McCrary's!

I know all our close friends & family already saw this picture in our Christmas card, but here it is for the blogger world to see! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Side Notes

Forgot to mention some things about Rylie....
*Completely off baby foods as of a couple of months now
*Is obsessed with doors! she'll sit there & open & close a door over & over again!
*LOVES flipping pages whether it's a book, magazine, newspaper, etc.

Also, for our loyal blog followers I thought I'd post an updated to the "near-dog-attack" blog from a few weeks ago. Some of our neighbors also were chased by this dog & agreed with me that it is in fact a "bear." lol They also spoke with the dog's owners who said they've had the cops called on them before about that dog getting lose & trying to attack people. So obviously our 2 incidents weren't the only ones! Our neighbors are going to report them to animal control & so will we now. Hopefully soon they'll either learn how to freaking control their animal responsibly or it'll get taken away from them. I'll let you know what else we hear!

PS David made both of our large wreaths in our house. I gave him the credit for the lights outside, but forgot to mention his other job-well-dones!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Rylie Updates

Thought I'd post a few of her latest updates since I'm not posting monthly blogs on her progresses anymore. She turned 14 months old yesterday & she's made some new conquests since her 1st birthday!

*11th tooth came in this morning, lower right side, 3rd from center
*calls everybody "mama" lol
*wants to feed herself everything!
*takes 1 step alone, but walks all over with her push toy
*has a favorite button she pushes on each toy & remembers which button makes those favorite nosies! it's so cute!
*climbs onto the first step of our stairs, but cant get back down
*if we ask where anything is, she thinks we're asking "where's Rylie" & puts her hands over her eyes to play peek-a-boo....then she wants to play peek-a-boo all day! lol
*she "raises the roof"
*claps anytime she hears "yay" or the word "clap" or other people clapping
*she waves to every single person we come across! lol
*she gets shy sometimes with strangers & squints her eyes & smiles really big & cheesy
*she doesnt do too well with any male holding her that's not her Daddy! she'll let any female hold her though for some reason!
*she "shares" her food now & anything she comes across & picks up, she holds up for me or David, but if we do take if from her, she screams! haha
*she dances any time she hears music, either bounces up & down or sways side to side

She's also ready for Santa to visit in less than a week! =)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Favorites =)

I got this from my friend Malinda's blog! Here's a few of my Christmas favorites!

Fresh tree or fake tree
Fake is definitely better to manage & looks "perfectly" shaped, but you can't beat the smell of a real one & sometimes I prefer to have a non-perfect-looking tree because it makes it more unique!

Favorite Christmas song

"Carol of the Bells" & "Christmas Canon" (both are on my Christmas song tracklist at the bottom of this blog if you wanna hear them!)

Favorite Tradition
Going around & looking at Christmas lights on other people's houses. We've only gone through our neighborhood so far. We usually do the bigger neighborhoods in downtown Houston on Christmas Eve before the church service. We also started a new tradition last year of reading Rylie "Twas the Night Before Christmas" on Christmas Eve & then leaving milk & cookies out for Santa.

Favorite Gift Ever Received
Hmm....I dont really remember gifts. Just having my family every year is a blessing! I will say though when I was 5 years old, all I wanted was a Little Mermaid Barbie & that year I got three so at the time I thought that was the best Christmas gift ever. lol

Favorite Memory
All my kid memories are good because Christmas is more "magical" when you're a kid, but I also really enjoyed last year with Rylie's first Christmas & being able to give her an awesome one! It was also pretty cool doing the nativity scene with Rylie as baby Jesus last Christmas Eve.

Favorite Christmas Meal
I dont remember meals either! lol I guess what I'd be craving for Christmas is some yummy mashed potatoes or green beans or asparagus & dinner rolls. Doesn't matter what the main meat served with those sides are!

Favorite Christmas Cookie
My double vanilla delights I made last night-to die for! I ate 2 after dinner tonight ;-)

Favorite Christmas Movie
"The Santa Clause" and "Christmas with the Kranks" I always watch one of those on Thanksgiving & then of course a few more times until Christmas! lol