Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Shots at 2 months old

Well, today Rylie is 2 months old!!

We also had her 2 month old check-up today. She wore her jeans for the 1st time today, since she's a big girl and all! hehe She was in a great mood this morning before her appointment.

At doctor's before shots
Poor baby after shots

Mommy & Rylie felt better a little later

Right now Rylie weighs 11lbs 4oz and is 23in long. Big girl, indeed! That's 75 percentile of babies her age. She's also in the 4mo old range of abilities of things she can do (hold her head up, put weight on her feet, etc). THEN, it was time for her 2 month old shots. I think this was harder on Mommy than Rylie. The nurse held Rylie's legs down while I held 1 of her hands and David held the other. Rylie did really well. She didn't start crying until the 2nd shot went in and then she just screamed like she has never done before. Poor baby was in pain! Mommy cried too because it broke my heart to see her like that. This was a really hard doctor appointment! After shots, she got pretty band-aids, then Mommy & Daddy dressed her and gave her a passy to help calm her. She stopped crying then. By the time we were back out in the car, she was already content and had no signs of tears. She had a bottle on the way home & then took a really good nap. Hopefully she won't get a fever like some babies do with these shots, but we've got medicine on standby just in case. Mommy's going to take Rylie shopping later and buy her something special for being such a good baby during all this today! Nothing to out-do Santa though who comes next week! She's VERY excited!!!

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