Friday, December 7, 2007

Last Day of Work

So today was my last day of work! It was so strange thinking I'm not going back to my office there anymore. Someone new is there now. I honestly didn't think I would be sad at all about leaving, but today was kind of hard for me. They had a goodbye lunch for me at Ninfa's where they presented me with a plaque. I almost started crying! Then, in the afternoon they had a cake for me (see right) and everyone signed a card.

Rylie also came up there with David and everybody got to meet her. Nobody held her though because she was fussy and just wanted to sleep. I honestly think she's got bad allergies. I started feeling stuffy this week and now today I have a really sore throat, stuffy nose, burning eyes, and body aches. SO, this will be fun the next week getting over that with a 7 week old baby!

Anyways, everybody keeps asking me what I'm going to be doing now. I'm not going to work anywhere until flu season has passed, but after that I want to go back to the church nursery and work there again. I really missed that job & it'll be one I can take Rylie to with me. So that's the latest on us! We still have lots of Christmas shopping to do now!

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Shelly said...

aww they do love u! hehe that was super sweet of them!! lucky u get to stay off work!!!!! hehe