Monday, November 26, 2007

First Road Trip!

So Rylie and I survived shopping on Black Friday last week. I think the drivers on the road were worse than the shoppers in the store! haha
Anyways, the 3 of us drove to Houston Saturday and just came back today. Rylie was an ANGEL the whole weekend. She slept the whole drive there and was so calm and content the whole weekend being in a different environment and meeting new people. She even did good during the nights. The one incident we had was at Dave's dad's house. I guess Rylie had too much built-up gas or something and while sitting in her carseat at the dinner table with us, she decided to throw up all she'd just eaten. Not spit up, but actually projected it. Poor thing.....but she felt better afterwards. The rest of the weekend was great. Everyone was happy to see her and then she slept most of the drive home, and only fussed just as we got back into Waco. I'm so glad this weekend went well for us! Our first long trip and overnight stay with her!

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