Tuesday, November 6, 2007

First Doctor Appointment

Yesterday was Rylie's first checkup since being born. She was such a good girl! Especially when she had to take her clothes off in the cold room & she didn't pee on the table they measured her on! Apparently most babies do that! She now comes in at 9lbs exactly and is 21 3/4 in long. She's growing fast! She's now eating 3.5-4 oz every 3 hours. So far she's still really healthy. She's been getting a little stuffed up in the nose lately and the doctor showed us how to help relieve that. He is such an awesome doctor! We really like her pediatrician! She also had to get another PKU test done & they drew some blood, which she didn't like too much, but she also didn't cry very long afterwards. All the nurses kept saying what a good baby she is and how cute she looked in her outfit!

Mommy didn't realize how big this bow really is!

Other than that, Rylie's been doing a little better with sleeping at night. Sometimes she gets off schedule on the weekend and it's a little hard on Monday's, but we're getting the hang of it. She really likes sleeping on her tummy or side best, but I can't leave her alone to do that, so I've been supervising her day naps & leaving her on her back at nights. We've got her on this great stuff called Gripe Water which helps relieve her tummy bubbles. I've been really trying to keep her awake more often during the day. She loves hanging out in her bouncer seat! And sometimes she just lounges on her boppy.

Well, that's the latest on us! We're real excited for Thanksgiving coming up and we can't wait to see lots of family then! Rylie sends her love to everyone!

Rylie's first Ralph Lauren polo! =) She's already a fan!

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Shelly said...

awww growin like a weed! so glad she did so well at the doc! im also glad yall like him, ours is alright..