Friday, November 9, 2007

3 Weeks Old!

Oh my goodness, Rylie is already 3 weeks old!! EEEE!! Time really does fly once they're born, huh? haha
Well, today Rylie had her 1st big-girl bath because, as I forgot to mention in the last blog, her umbilical cord fell off Mon at the doctor's office while her pediatrician was looking at it! He told us to wait a little bit on full baths though. So, it was very interesting today doing that! Here are some pics of her bathtime......

She's trying to smile!

Time to get dressed!
Look at her gorgeous blue eyes!

YAY! We did it! Aren't I cute?!

So Rylie was also a VERY good girl last night! It was kind of bittersweet for me though. Rylie had her bottle at 8:30pm and then at 9pm I put her in her pjs and in her crib for bed. I had her predicted to be up again for another feeding 11:30pm-12am and so I decided to wait up for her. 12am came and she still didn't wake up, so I thought surely she'll be up ANY minute and I shouldn't go to sleep, because as soon as I do she'll wake me up. That little stinker didn't get up till 2am for her next feeding! haha It was good though that she's starting to sleep longer at night & shorter during the day, but man was I tired! I thought she'd get up around 5am next, so I went to bed and she didn't get me up till 6am! Today she only took a few short naps, so HOPEFULLY this is the beginning of a wonderful pattern!
Other than that, Rylie has started showing some baby acne/eczema on her poor little face :( I hope that goes away soon! I want to take so many pictures of her & it's already getting harder and harder because she doesn't seem to like having them taken! As soon as I get out the camera, she gets fussy. So hopefully this won't be too bad.
OH yeah, and apparently I've met my "limit" of pictures I can have on my online photo album, so I've made another one just for Rylie pictures, separate from mine. The added link is to the right!
That's it from us today! Thanks for reading!

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