Monday, November 26, 2007

First Road Trip!

So Rylie and I survived shopping on Black Friday last week. I think the drivers on the road were worse than the shoppers in the store! haha
Anyways, the 3 of us drove to Houston Saturday and just came back today. Rylie was an ANGEL the whole weekend. She slept the whole drive there and was so calm and content the whole weekend being in a different environment and meeting new people. She even did good during the nights. The one incident we had was at Dave's dad's house. I guess Rylie had too much built-up gas or something and while sitting in her carseat at the dinner table with us, she decided to throw up all she'd just eaten. Not spit up, but actually projected it. Poor thing.....but she felt better afterwards. The rest of the weekend was great. Everyone was happy to see her and then she slept most of the drive home, and only fussed just as we got back into Waco. I'm so glad this weekend went well for us! Our first long trip and overnight stay with her!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope everyone's holiday was good! Today was Rylie's first Thanksgiving and our first as a family! Rylie and mommy watched the parade together this morning and I think she was excited to see Santa at the end! Then mommy made a small Thanksgiving lunch for us before daddy had to go to work (ahh the joys of working at news stations!). We had a pretty good day though. We're going to be BRAVE and head out tomorrow afternoon to ONE store for some Christmas presents. It's going to be cold and probably a madhouse, but hopefully it will go well. We can't wait to see our family in Houston Saturday for a late Thanksgiving celebration with all of them! Until then, hope everyone stays safe this weekend and doesn't eat too much food! HAHA

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

One Month Old

So David and I now have a one month old. She thinks she's such a big girl too and doesn't have to go to sleep at night! haha We're on no schedule whatsoever right now. We did, however go out yesterday-just Rylie and mommy for the first time and she did really well. I now feel confident taking her out more, but not for too long or around too many people. We wanna try & keep her WELL this holiday season.
Anyways, we're going to be home for Thanksgiving and then we're off to Houston Saturday to see David's parents. Hope everyone has a good and safe holiday!

Friday, November 9, 2007

3 Weeks Old!

Oh my goodness, Rylie is already 3 weeks old!! EEEE!! Time really does fly once they're born, huh? haha
Well, today Rylie had her 1st big-girl bath because, as I forgot to mention in the last blog, her umbilical cord fell off Mon at the doctor's office while her pediatrician was looking at it! He told us to wait a little bit on full baths though. So, it was very interesting today doing that! Here are some pics of her bathtime......

She's trying to smile!

Time to get dressed!
Look at her gorgeous blue eyes!

YAY! We did it! Aren't I cute?!

So Rylie was also a VERY good girl last night! It was kind of bittersweet for me though. Rylie had her bottle at 8:30pm and then at 9pm I put her in her pjs and in her crib for bed. I had her predicted to be up again for another feeding 11:30pm-12am and so I decided to wait up for her. 12am came and she still didn't wake up, so I thought surely she'll be up ANY minute and I shouldn't go to sleep, because as soon as I do she'll wake me up. That little stinker didn't get up till 2am for her next feeding! haha It was good though that she's starting to sleep longer at night & shorter during the day, but man was I tired! I thought she'd get up around 5am next, so I went to bed and she didn't get me up till 6am! Today she only took a few short naps, so HOPEFULLY this is the beginning of a wonderful pattern!
Other than that, Rylie has started showing some baby acne/eczema on her poor little face :( I hope that goes away soon! I want to take so many pictures of her & it's already getting harder and harder because she doesn't seem to like having them taken! As soon as I get out the camera, she gets fussy. So hopefully this won't be too bad.
OH yeah, and apparently I've met my "limit" of pictures I can have on my online photo album, so I've made another one just for Rylie pictures, separate from mine. The added link is to the right!
That's it from us today! Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

First Doctor Appointment

Yesterday was Rylie's first checkup since being born. She was such a good girl! Especially when she had to take her clothes off in the cold room & she didn't pee on the table they measured her on! Apparently most babies do that! She now comes in at 9lbs exactly and is 21 3/4 in long. She's growing fast! She's now eating 3.5-4 oz every 3 hours. So far she's still really healthy. She's been getting a little stuffed up in the nose lately and the doctor showed us how to help relieve that. He is such an awesome doctor! We really like her pediatrician! She also had to get another PKU test done & they drew some blood, which she didn't like too much, but she also didn't cry very long afterwards. All the nurses kept saying what a good baby she is and how cute she looked in her outfit!

Mommy didn't realize how big this bow really is!

Other than that, Rylie's been doing a little better with sleeping at night. Sometimes she gets off schedule on the weekend and it's a little hard on Monday's, but we're getting the hang of it. She really likes sleeping on her tummy or side best, but I can't leave her alone to do that, so I've been supervising her day naps & leaving her on her back at nights. We've got her on this great stuff called Gripe Water which helps relieve her tummy bubbles. I've been really trying to keep her awake more often during the day. She loves hanging out in her bouncer seat! And sometimes she just lounges on her boppy.

Well, that's the latest on us! We're real excited for Thanksgiving coming up and we can't wait to see lots of family then! Rylie sends her love to everyone!

Rylie's first Ralph Lauren polo! =) She's already a fan!