Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Still Pregnant & Being Induced!

Hello! This is our first blog posting! This makes it easier to keep everybody updated all at once on everything going on. Today we are 39 weeks pregnant! Woohoo!
Yesterday was my last exam, as my doctor decided he's going to induce me next Tuesday, October 23. That's one day before my actual due date. I'm already dilated 2 cm and effaced 70% as of now and I should progress a little more before next week, so there's still a chance I could go into natural labor before then! We really hope so, but if it comes down to it, we'd rather be induced next week than in 2 weeks when I'd be overdue!
We just can't wait to meet our little precious baby! We've got the baby's room all ready to welcome him/her in and all the clothes are washed. We just need the baby!
We'll be posting any more updates on here as they come in and we'll definitely be posting the news when baby arrives, along with pictures. For anyone interested, we're delivering at Providence in Waco. We won't be having any visitors during the inducing part or labor & delivery. So we'll see everyone after the baby has arrived, if you wish to come up there!
Here's one of my latest pregnancy pictures.

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