Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Well, our baby has finally arrived! Last Thursday, October 18 I started having some pains in the morning in my back & side. I thought it was just from sleeping wrong. Then I lost my mucus plug later that day. So, we knew it would be any minute! At 1:40am Friday morning, October 19 (5 days before my due date & 4 days before my scheduled induction), I started having contractions that were really close together. A little before 3am we went to the hospital & they said I was already dilated to a 7 and was 100% effaced! So we got settled in our room & they hooked me up to an IV right away. Not long later, I was at an 8 & I got my epidural! That worked great until they had me lay on my right side to get the baby's heartbeat going & then my epidural started to only work on my right side & I started to feel contractions on my left. So they increased the meds going in. All that did was numb my right side even more. Then I just stayed at an 8 for hours! Luckily I was able to sleep for quite awhile during this. At 10am my OB/GYN got there & said I was at a 9, but he wanted me to start pushing in 30min & told the nurses to take my epidural away because he said I was too numb to be able to push. I couldn't even lift my legs. I really started to panic then. I started crying because I didn't want my epidural taken away & I was starting to feel the pain & didn't think I could go through this. 30 min later I started pushing with the nurses & I could feel everything! They said I wasn't pushing good enough, although I sure was trying all I could! It took an hour and a half later to finally get her out-Rylie Paige. It was so amazing holding her right away & just being in shock that she was inside me all that time. I couldn't believe how big she was (weighing 8lbs 5oz & 21 1/2 in long) and I just wanted to touch her all over to remind me she was real! After they took her away & clean her off, I had to get stitched up on my 2nd degree tear (which I felt all of because, again, they took away my epidural!) Then I passed out for 2 hours. Then they woke me to move us into recovery.
Sunday afternoon we took our princess home. It hasn't been that bad really, but I've had some trouble with nursing. I don't know how much longer we'll be sticking to that. It's been really stressful! Other than that, Rylie is such a good baby! She sleeps so much & never really fusses. We absolutely LOVE having her & can't imagine how life was before she came! I'm really lucky I've had David here this week with us to help out. I don't know what I'd be doing without him! Especially with his crazy work schedule. It's going to be hard when he has to go back!
So that's the updates on us! Thanks so much to everyone who visited us in the hospital & sent comments on here! We're not having visitors at home quite yet, as we're still getting settled in, but we can't wait for Rylie to meet the rest of our friends & family! Here are some pics in the meantime....

Just born!
Sleeping beauty!

Cuddling with mommy :)

She's sooo beautiful!

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Congrats! Good lookin' kid.