Friday, October 26, 2007

1 Week Old

Well, today Rylie is 1 week old. Where has the time gone? Today was also my 1st day alone with her, as David went back to work. It wasn't as bad as I was stressed it would be. She really is such a good baby! We had a good time-just us girls.
I ended up not continuing with nursing, so Rylie has been on 3 oz of formula about every 3 hours now. She's been doing really good on that. She still hasn't cried since we brought her home from the hospital! ::knocks on wood:: She only fusses a little when it takes too long to get her bottled warmed and ready. She's also been doing really good about trying to lift her head up. I think she's trying to be big girl & grow up faster! She's a real good sleeper so far too. I can vacuum and do laundry right by her & it wouldn't wake her up. She sleeps like her mommy! She likes her sponge baths so far. Usually she sleeps through them with no fuss, and then there's today where she peed during it! But she likes being bundled up & cuddling with mommy afterwards mostly. She's been a pretty gassy baby too and Mylicon hasn't given her much relief from it. :/
We're really lucky & blessed to have our Sunday School class bring us dinners every other night! They're really nice people! And shout-out to Aunt Valerie & Uncle Keith who brought us some yummy banana pudding! That right there alone is worth having a baby for! haha
So that's the updates with us & how we've been doing. Here's 2 pictures of Rylie taken today on her 1 week birthday.....


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