Monday, December 31, 2007

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

I'm a little late writing about our Christmas because we stayed in Houston for a whole week & didn't get back until this past Friday afternoon & then I've been busy unpacking ALL of Rylie's numerous Christmas gifts & cleaning the house up. THEN I had to upload all our pictures!
So basically, we all had a great first Christmas as a family, especially Rylie! We first went to Valley Mills & had a family get-together with my dad's side of the family the Saturday before Christmas. Then that evening we left for Houston & spent it with David's whole family. On Christmas Eve David, Rylie & I were the holy family for David's church presentation-Rylie being baby Jesus. She did great! That evening we read her "The Night Before Christmas" and left cookies & milk out for Santa, of course and in the morning they were gone, sure enough! We spent Christmas morning at David's mom's house & that evening at his dad's. Later that week we also visited my friend Christine, who used to work with us at the TV station & she had little AJ back in May, so the 2 babies were supposed to play together, but Rylie decided to sleep mostly & wake up before we left. We also went to the Houston Galleria later that week and Rylie rode in the kangaroo-type holder and LOVED it! She slept the whole time and man, that thing is AWESOME!

Anyways, hope everyone's holiday season was great! We're just relaxing New Year's Eve after an early dinner at a really nice restaurant. Hope everyone stays safe & has a great 2008!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Shots at 2 months old

Well, today Rylie is 2 months old!!

We also had her 2 month old check-up today. She wore her jeans for the 1st time today, since she's a big girl and all! hehe She was in a great mood this morning before her appointment.

At doctor's before shots
Poor baby after shots

Mommy & Rylie felt better a little later

Right now Rylie weighs 11lbs 4oz and is 23in long. Big girl, indeed! That's 75 percentile of babies her age. She's also in the 4mo old range of abilities of things she can do (hold her head up, put weight on her feet, etc). THEN, it was time for her 2 month old shots. I think this was harder on Mommy than Rylie. The nurse held Rylie's legs down while I held 1 of her hands and David held the other. Rylie did really well. She didn't start crying until the 2nd shot went in and then she just screamed like she has never done before. Poor baby was in pain! Mommy cried too because it broke my heart to see her like that. This was a really hard doctor appointment! After shots, she got pretty band-aids, then Mommy & Daddy dressed her and gave her a passy to help calm her. She stopped crying then. By the time we were back out in the car, she was already content and had no signs of tears. She had a bottle on the way home & then took a really good nap. Hopefully she won't get a fever like some babies do with these shots, but we've got medicine on standby just in case. Mommy's going to take Rylie shopping later and buy her something special for being such a good baby during all this today! Nothing to out-do Santa though who comes next week! She's VERY excited!!!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town!

Rylie and I have been busy finishing up some Christmas shopping! She's been a good girl, so she's expecting a lot from Santa for her first Christmas! She's also been helping mommy wrap presents and hide some from daddy! hehehe

"Santa Baby"

So Rylie's acting debut will begin at the ripe old age of.....2 months! She will play baby Jesus in the church presentation Christmas Eve and David and I will be the "Holy family" with her. Exciting, huh? We'll be sure to post pictures! Anyways, here's a few pictures of some Christmas decor Rylie helped mommy with.

I'm a bit obsessed with collecting nutcrackers & that's a nutcracker napkin ring FYI!

Newlyweds' Christmas!

Even her Pack n Play is decorated! haha

Our wall shelf broke, so these hang here this year!

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Ooooo presents!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


So, the games have begun! Rylie has started making more noises everyday and sometimes if you make sounds to her, she will try to mimic them. This has lead to the competition between David and I as to what Rylie will say first--"Mommy" or "Dadda." We've both been saying them to her a lot in hopes of something. Although, it's still too early for her to be saying her first word. She is, afterall, only 7 1/2 weeks old! However, there's never a time too early to begin trying to woo someone into winning a game! haha
Mommy keeps putting me in these ridiculously huge bows!
Which do you think Rylie will say first?

Friday, December 7, 2007

Last Day of Work

So today was my last day of work! It was so strange thinking I'm not going back to my office there anymore. Someone new is there now. I honestly didn't think I would be sad at all about leaving, but today was kind of hard for me. They had a goodbye lunch for me at Ninfa's where they presented me with a plaque. I almost started crying! Then, in the afternoon they had a cake for me (see right) and everyone signed a card.

Rylie also came up there with David and everybody got to meet her. Nobody held her though because she was fussy and just wanted to sleep. I honestly think she's got bad allergies. I started feeling stuffy this week and now today I have a really sore throat, stuffy nose, burning eyes, and body aches. SO, this will be fun the next week getting over that with a 7 week old baby!

Anyways, everybody keeps asking me what I'm going to be doing now. I'm not going to work anywhere until flu season has passed, but after that I want to go back to the church nursery and work there again. I really missed that job & it'll be one I can take Rylie to with me. So that's the latest on us! We still have lots of Christmas shopping to do now!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Back to Work

Well, today was my first day back to work. I have to be back just till Friday to help with the transition of hiring 2 new people to replace me. After Friday, I'm home free!
I missed Rylie like CRAZY today! Luckily David could stay with her until 2pm because he doesn't have to be at work till then and Rylie's having someone watch her from 2-5pm before I come home. This is going to be the longest week of my life!
Friday David's bringing her to work in the afternoon when he comes up there so everybody can meet her. At least the sales department, where I work. The news department got to meet her last Friday evening when I brought her up there for our chief meteorologist's farewell. Everybody asked about her today though, so I think she's going to be a big hit on Friday!

Monday, November 26, 2007

First Road Trip!

So Rylie and I survived shopping on Black Friday last week. I think the drivers on the road were worse than the shoppers in the store! haha
Anyways, the 3 of us drove to Houston Saturday and just came back today. Rylie was an ANGEL the whole weekend. She slept the whole drive there and was so calm and content the whole weekend being in a different environment and meeting new people. She even did good during the nights. The one incident we had was at Dave's dad's house. I guess Rylie had too much built-up gas or something and while sitting in her carseat at the dinner table with us, she decided to throw up all she'd just eaten. Not spit up, but actually projected it. Poor thing.....but she felt better afterwards. The rest of the weekend was great. Everyone was happy to see her and then she slept most of the drive home, and only fussed just as we got back into Waco. I'm so glad this weekend went well for us! Our first long trip and overnight stay with her!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope everyone's holiday was good! Today was Rylie's first Thanksgiving and our first as a family! Rylie and mommy watched the parade together this morning and I think she was excited to see Santa at the end! Then mommy made a small Thanksgiving lunch for us before daddy had to go to work (ahh the joys of working at news stations!). We had a pretty good day though. We're going to be BRAVE and head out tomorrow afternoon to ONE store for some Christmas presents. It's going to be cold and probably a madhouse, but hopefully it will go well. We can't wait to see our family in Houston Saturday for a late Thanksgiving celebration with all of them! Until then, hope everyone stays safe this weekend and doesn't eat too much food! HAHA

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

One Month Old

So David and I now have a one month old. She thinks she's such a big girl too and doesn't have to go to sleep at night! haha We're on no schedule whatsoever right now. We did, however go out yesterday-just Rylie and mommy for the first time and she did really well. I now feel confident taking her out more, but not for too long or around too many people. We wanna try & keep her WELL this holiday season.
Anyways, we're going to be home for Thanksgiving and then we're off to Houston Saturday to see David's parents. Hope everyone has a good and safe holiday!

Friday, November 9, 2007

3 Weeks Old!

Oh my goodness, Rylie is already 3 weeks old!! EEEE!! Time really does fly once they're born, huh? haha
Well, today Rylie had her 1st big-girl bath because, as I forgot to mention in the last blog, her umbilical cord fell off Mon at the doctor's office while her pediatrician was looking at it! He told us to wait a little bit on full baths though. So, it was very interesting today doing that! Here are some pics of her bathtime......

She's trying to smile!

Time to get dressed!
Look at her gorgeous blue eyes!

YAY! We did it! Aren't I cute?!

So Rylie was also a VERY good girl last night! It was kind of bittersweet for me though. Rylie had her bottle at 8:30pm and then at 9pm I put her in her pjs and in her crib for bed. I had her predicted to be up again for another feeding 11:30pm-12am and so I decided to wait up for her. 12am came and she still didn't wake up, so I thought surely she'll be up ANY minute and I shouldn't go to sleep, because as soon as I do she'll wake me up. That little stinker didn't get up till 2am for her next feeding! haha It was good though that she's starting to sleep longer at night & shorter during the day, but man was I tired! I thought she'd get up around 5am next, so I went to bed and she didn't get me up till 6am! Today she only took a few short naps, so HOPEFULLY this is the beginning of a wonderful pattern!
Other than that, Rylie has started showing some baby acne/eczema on her poor little face :( I hope that goes away soon! I want to take so many pictures of her & it's already getting harder and harder because she doesn't seem to like having them taken! As soon as I get out the camera, she gets fussy. So hopefully this won't be too bad.
OH yeah, and apparently I've met my "limit" of pictures I can have on my online photo album, so I've made another one just for Rylie pictures, separate from mine. The added link is to the right!
That's it from us today! Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

First Doctor Appointment

Yesterday was Rylie's first checkup since being born. She was such a good girl! Especially when she had to take her clothes off in the cold room & she didn't pee on the table they measured her on! Apparently most babies do that! She now comes in at 9lbs exactly and is 21 3/4 in long. She's growing fast! She's now eating 3.5-4 oz every 3 hours. So far she's still really healthy. She's been getting a little stuffed up in the nose lately and the doctor showed us how to help relieve that. He is such an awesome doctor! We really like her pediatrician! She also had to get another PKU test done & they drew some blood, which she didn't like too much, but she also didn't cry very long afterwards. All the nurses kept saying what a good baby she is and how cute she looked in her outfit!

Mommy didn't realize how big this bow really is!

Other than that, Rylie's been doing a little better with sleeping at night. Sometimes she gets off schedule on the weekend and it's a little hard on Monday's, but we're getting the hang of it. She really likes sleeping on her tummy or side best, but I can't leave her alone to do that, so I've been supervising her day naps & leaving her on her back at nights. We've got her on this great stuff called Gripe Water which helps relieve her tummy bubbles. I've been really trying to keep her awake more often during the day. She loves hanging out in her bouncer seat! And sometimes she just lounges on her boppy.

Well, that's the latest on us! We're real excited for Thanksgiving coming up and we can't wait to see lots of family then! Rylie sends her love to everyone!

Rylie's first Ralph Lauren polo! =) She's already a fan!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Today was Rylie's first holiday! She was pretty fussy this morning and barely let me take some pictures of her in her Halloween outfit, but then she luckily slept most of the later afternoon. I hope that doesn't mean she'll be up all night! We're working on getting her nights and days corrected. She's also had some tummy problems recently and it's been keeping her from sleeping real good. We have our first doctor's appointment next Monday, so hopefully we'll have good news from that and can get this little one situated! Here's a picture of her from today.....


Friday, October 26, 2007

1 Week Old

Well, today Rylie is 1 week old. Where has the time gone? Today was also my 1st day alone with her, as David went back to work. It wasn't as bad as I was stressed it would be. She really is such a good baby! We had a good time-just us girls.
I ended up not continuing with nursing, so Rylie has been on 3 oz of formula about every 3 hours now. She's been doing really good on that. She still hasn't cried since we brought her home from the hospital! ::knocks on wood:: She only fusses a little when it takes too long to get her bottled warmed and ready. She's also been doing really good about trying to lift her head up. I think she's trying to be big girl & grow up faster! She's a real good sleeper so far too. I can vacuum and do laundry right by her & it wouldn't wake her up. She sleeps like her mommy! She likes her sponge baths so far. Usually she sleeps through them with no fuss, and then there's today where she peed during it! But she likes being bundled up & cuddling with mommy afterwards mostly. She's been a pretty gassy baby too and Mylicon hasn't given her much relief from it. :/
We're really lucky & blessed to have our Sunday School class bring us dinners every other night! They're really nice people! And shout-out to Aunt Valerie & Uncle Keith who brought us some yummy banana pudding! That right there alone is worth having a baby for! haha
So that's the updates with us & how we've been doing. Here's 2 pictures of Rylie taken today on her 1 week birthday.....


Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Well, our baby has finally arrived! Last Thursday, October 18 I started having some pains in the morning in my back & side. I thought it was just from sleeping wrong. Then I lost my mucus plug later that day. So, we knew it would be any minute! At 1:40am Friday morning, October 19 (5 days before my due date & 4 days before my scheduled induction), I started having contractions that were really close together. A little before 3am we went to the hospital & they said I was already dilated to a 7 and was 100% effaced! So we got settled in our room & they hooked me up to an IV right away. Not long later, I was at an 8 & I got my epidural! That worked great until they had me lay on my right side to get the baby's heartbeat going & then my epidural started to only work on my right side & I started to feel contractions on my left. So they increased the meds going in. All that did was numb my right side even more. Then I just stayed at an 8 for hours! Luckily I was able to sleep for quite awhile during this. At 10am my OB/GYN got there & said I was at a 9, but he wanted me to start pushing in 30min & told the nurses to take my epidural away because he said I was too numb to be able to push. I couldn't even lift my legs. I really started to panic then. I started crying because I didn't want my epidural taken away & I was starting to feel the pain & didn't think I could go through this. 30 min later I started pushing with the nurses & I could feel everything! They said I wasn't pushing good enough, although I sure was trying all I could! It took an hour and a half later to finally get her out-Rylie Paige. It was so amazing holding her right away & just being in shock that she was inside me all that time. I couldn't believe how big she was (weighing 8lbs 5oz & 21 1/2 in long) and I just wanted to touch her all over to remind me she was real! After they took her away & clean her off, I had to get stitched up on my 2nd degree tear (which I felt all of because, again, they took away my epidural!) Then I passed out for 2 hours. Then they woke me to move us into recovery.
Sunday afternoon we took our princess home. It hasn't been that bad really, but I've had some trouble with nursing. I don't know how much longer we'll be sticking to that. It's been really stressful! Other than that, Rylie is such a good baby! She sleeps so much & never really fusses. We absolutely LOVE having her & can't imagine how life was before she came! I'm really lucky I've had David here this week with us to help out. I don't know what I'd be doing without him! Especially with his crazy work schedule. It's going to be hard when he has to go back!
So that's the updates on us! Thanks so much to everyone who visited us in the hospital & sent comments on here! We're not having visitors at home quite yet, as we're still getting settled in, but we can't wait for Rylie to meet the rest of our friends & family! Here are some pics in the meantime....

Just born!
Sleeping beauty!

Cuddling with mommy :)

She's sooo beautiful!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Still Pregnant & Being Induced!

Hello! This is our first blog posting! This makes it easier to keep everybody updated all at once on everything going on. Today we are 39 weeks pregnant! Woohoo!
Yesterday was my last exam, as my doctor decided he's going to induce me next Tuesday, October 23. That's one day before my actual due date. I'm already dilated 2 cm and effaced 70% as of now and I should progress a little more before next week, so there's still a chance I could go into natural labor before then! We really hope so, but if it comes down to it, we'd rather be induced next week than in 2 weeks when I'd be overdue!
We just can't wait to meet our little precious baby! We've got the baby's room all ready to welcome him/her in and all the clothes are washed. We just need the baby!
We'll be posting any more updates on here as they come in and we'll definitely be posting the news when baby arrives, along with pictures. For anyone interested, we're delivering at Providence in Waco. We won't be having any visitors during the inducing part or labor & delivery. So we'll see everyone after the baby has arrived, if you wish to come up there!
Here's one of my latest pregnancy pictures.