Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Girl Scout End of Year Party

Sunday evening was Rylie's troop's end of year party. They voted on a place called iT'z Family Fun.

First stop was the roller coaster (ya know, BEFORE they eat!)

These 3 decided NO WAY while 2 others and a sibling loved it!

Then bumper cars where all 5 girls who came had the floor to themselves!

Then a couple tried rock wall and a little coster. Rylie really focused and took forever trying to master the wall, but it was missing a LOT of steps and she only made it almost to the top!

A few girls in her troop were so cute cheering for her and yelling out tips to help her! Such sisterhood there!

When she finally came down, they all ran to hug her! That really melted my heart. Such teamwork they showed!

Rylie was exhausted and sore! Perfect time for dinner! The food was just ok, but the girls loved it.

Then they finished their tokens on arcade games and a few did the coaster again.

We got home just as a storm rolled in and this little one was conked out in my spot in my bed! Couldn't resist some snuggles. Please never grow up little one!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

First Swim Meet and Princess Party

Saturday, May 20 was Remy's first official swim meet!
(We missed the meet last Sat because we were out of town and felt Remy needed more prep and practice anyway.)

Up and at em EAAAARRRRRLY in the morning!

Ready for warm up!

Waving hi to us before warmup!

Team huddle before the start. Remy looks so tiny in the middle there!

Everyone on the team is SUPPOSED to stay in the team tent until their heat is up (but unfortunately, and annoyingly, most kids are running around all over instead). Rylie went to check on Remy in the team tent and came back and said she wasn't there. Checked the bathroom and not there. So trying not to panic, David and I start searching everywhere for her. Then we found her sitting with the coaches in their tent just watching the meet! Stinker! But at least she wasn't running around all wild like almost all the other kids do!

She did GREAT at this meet and obviously got a ribbon for being faster than time trials where she refused to swim. She was a whole minute faster this time, imagine that! Ha!

After the party, we went home and got a shower and then I took Remy to her classmate's princess party, which I'll just say was probably the highlight of her life up until this point! Ha! They really went all out!

Remy next to the birthday girl, Loralei.

And Princess Rapunzel came too!

They got their hair, nails, and make up done!

Posing in her gown. She looks like she's off to the prom or just won a beauty pageant lol

Then dance party in the back!

Princess coronation ceremony!

They ate lunch and had yummy Gigi's cupcakes!

Later on at home, Remy was enjoying some goody bag toys. I felt bad, the goody bags were more elaborate than the gift I gave! 😯

I just love this age.....where everything is perfect in the world if you have on a party dress, glitter tattoos, sparkle gems, and can blow bubbles in the backyard!

For dinner that night, Rylie declared it breakfast night and wanted to make everyone waffles and scrambled eggs (by herself for the first time) and Remy pretended she was at a diner and read a magazine while she waited for her food!