Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Promotion Sunday, David's Birthday, Last Swim Meet

Sunday, June 4 was our church's Promotion Sunday where kids move up Sunday School classes if they move up to certain grade levels. Remy was SO excited to move up to the Kinder class and out of "Preschool" one, she picked out a fancy dress to wear for the occasion!

Monday, June 5 the girls started full-time Summer camp together!

It was also David's 37th birthday! Additionally, I moved to full-time at my job! Big day! So I ran out at lunch and got David his favorite cake from a well-known Houston baker since I felt bad we couldn't go out for a fancy dinner or anything. This new full-time, getting home about 7pm is taking some getting used to!

But we enjoyed dinner (just leftovers and some mac n cheese added to it) at home with the girls and cake and presents!

Very excited about Daddy's card she signed lol We got David some new outdoor plates and utensil caddy because we decided to eat more meals outside when we can and when it's not too hot.

Remy, on Thur, June 8 and how she feels about first week of Summer camp. Baby girl cried every night after coming home, just because she was so tired and worn out! We did take her to the pool 2 nights this week to practice swim also since they moved practice to mornings now and we can't attend those. I'd never seen her so cranky so many days in a row. It's been a huge adjustment!

Saturday was her last swim meet, a home one thank goodness!

She was excited her friend Kate who just moved out of our neighborhood was there, on the opposing team tho.

I went to check on her while waiting for her event and found her holding up a team sign watching the older kids swim. She looked so cute! I told her that was sweet of them to do that to cheer on our team. She said "instead of yelling go, go, go over and over, we'll just hold this up." Ha!

Her turn!

She did so good until she got towards the end....

....and got disqualified for grabbing on the rope and pulling herself forward. I felt so bad because I know she had a really long and hard week and we couldn't practice as much as I'd hoped. She also lost 2 seconds on her time.

But we're proud, so so proud, of how much she accomplished this year on swim team and the HUGE improvement she's made! She's not a really strong swimmer, which was our goal. And we're also glad to have our Saturday mornings back! (She opted to not attend Divisionals next weekend that Rylie did last year because the pool is super deep and  indoor and scary for kids this age, which is fine by us)

Monday, June 12, 2017

Memorial Day, Rylie's Last Day of School, & 3rd Swim Meet

Memorial Day we just stayed home and hung out, slept in and stayed in pj's for awhile, enjoying a day off.

Rylie wanted to cook so she made a list and went with David to the store Sunday evening and on Memorial Day Mon, she made us all dinner! She did everything from mashing seasonings into ground beef, shaping them into little patties, cooking them in the skillet on the stove, cutting burger toppings, cooking pasta, cutting veggies and adding dressing to pasta to make pasta salad. Then she cut up fruit and made red, white, and blue cups with strawberries, blueberries, and whipped cream. It was DELICIOUS!

Tues, May 30, she lost another tooth!

Thurs, June 1 Remy looked cute heading to Summer camp

Friday, June 2 was Rylie's last day of school!

She brought teacher gifts and Remy and I attended Kids for Christ with her that morning.

Her class buddy!

Our pastor was there to do some music for the kids.

Rylie had early release so I had some new, fun Summer goodies for both girls to surprise them when Rylie got off the bus (I just used pool/beach things we already had for extra decoration to celebrate Summer kick-off!)

Saturday, June 3 was Remy's 3rd swim meet, another away one. I had to drop the girls off at check-in with friends and go park the car far away and walk back with all our chairs and bags and breakfast, etc. When I got to our friends tent where our girls were, Remy wasn't there. My friend said she found some hammocks next to us and wanted to check them out. She had just totally made herself at home there! They were on the opposing team too, so not even anyone we knew! Now she wants hammocks for Maine. Ha!

Ready to swim!

Warm-up dive

Ready for the real thing!

Baby girl killed it again!

She improved her time again!

After the meet, Rylie and I went on a "young lady" lunch at a fancy Chinese restaurant nearby. She thought she was so grown up and the food was so good! Loved getting to spend this one-on-one time with my big love.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Remy's New Summer Camp, Gymnastics party, and 2nd Swim Meet

Last Monday, May 22 Remy and I went to have lunch with Rylie at her school. Rylie mentioned it the night before at the GS party and her troop friend said "Oh! You're SO lucky!" to Rylie for having us come eat with her. She said her parents don't get the chance to much so we invited her to join us. She had a huge smile the entire time! Then Remy and her traded chicken nuggets for Doritos so it was all kinds of winning! Ha!

Tuesday, May 23, Remy started her first day of Summer camp! She was SO nervous and the night before she burst into my room after being tucked into bed, in hysteric tears, scared of her new Summer camp. She was worried there'd be mean kids and nobody would play with her or she'd have mean teachers. :(

She had an ok first day. We didn't know that her class would be taking a nap everyday though, so we didn't bring anything for that. She also has to get used to eating their food, as they provide breakfast, snack, and lunch!

Day 2 on Wed and she was excited they had biscuits for breakfast! Her favorite thing! She had a better day with her own pillow and blanket for nap and learning more kids names. She was crying the night of her first day because she didn't know anybody's names and just wanted me.

Friday I took her to a fun gymnastics play day to celebrate their end of the year. We picked the Friday morning class since I was off work and she didn't have school (she's only starting Summer camp Tu-Thur until Rylie's out of school). She was glad 2 preschool buddies were in the same class so they ran around and played and I didn't take a single photo until we were leaving!

Remy and one of her favorite coaches, Remi, the day before she graduated high school and is leaving us for A&M! We'll miss her!

Remy begged to go to lunch with me after class and wanted Panera mac n cheese so we did that. She pulled her hair up in a bun all by herself and I was quite impressed!! Then it was home for nap and Mommy catch up on laundry before Rylie got home from school.

I missed a photo but Remy got a free sno cone at swim practice Friday for beating her time at her first meet vs time trials.

Saturday was her 2nd swim meet and it was away in Kingwood. She ate a good breakfast and was so psyched for it!

Her heat is up!!

Baby girl KILLED it in the lanes!! Look at her way ahead of the others!

Fastest swim she's ever done! Woohoo!

Photo from photographer of her swim, taking a deep breath!

SO proud of our baby! She went from a 2:24:94 at time trials (by not swimming and holding the rope and pulling herself the entire time, ugh) to 1:14:91 at her first meet to 47:27 at this meet!!! 😮

We have 2 more meets and then Divisionals, which she's on the fence about wanting to do since it's a huge indoor pool that's extremely deep and very scary. We'll see!

We promised the girls sno cones Saturday and finally went after dinner.

Sunday afternoon we took the girls to our pool to practice, but really they just played the whole time. Remy was scared to practice swimming across the entire pool without ropes lol caught this sweet photo during lifeguard break. They did this all on their own.